Monday, July 17, 2006

Ten Greatest Performances by a Supporting Actor in a Horror Film from the 1930s

1. Dwight Frye in DRACULA
2. Ernest Thesiger in BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN
3. Edward Van Sloan in DRACULA
4. Warner Oland in WEREWOLF OF LONDON
5. Humphrey Bogart in RETURN OF DR. X
6. Dwight Frye in FRANKENSTEIN
7. Georges Renavent in EAST OF BORNEO
8. Irving Pichel in DRACULA’S DAUGHTER
9. Boris Karloff in TOWER OF LONDON
10. Wilfred Walter in DARK EYES OF LONDON

Honorable mention: Edmund Gwen in THE WALKING DEAD, Vincent Price in TOWER OF LONDON, Ernest Thesiger in THE GHOUL, THEY DRIVE BY NIGHT, and THE OLD DARK HOUSE, Bela Lugosi in ISLAND OF LOST SOULS, John Litel in RETURN OF DR. X, Samuel S. Hinds in THE RAVEN, Edward Van Sloan in FRANKENSTEIN and THE MUMMY, Cedric Hardewicke in THE GHOUL and HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME, Dwight Frye in BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN, Noble Johnson in KING KONG.


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Oops. we could almost put Karloff in THE RAVEN.

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