Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Welcome to the Sinister Cinema Blog!

Thanks for stopping in. We want to welcome all of you to the new Sinister Cinema Blog...

If you are unsure what a blog is, just think of it as a combination Internet magazine, bulletin board, and message board.

This blog will have several purposes. First and foremost it will give you regular Sinister Cinema company updates on sales, new releases, and other promotions. We will also be posting occasional articles on Sinister Cinema films and actors. Look for articles on "obscure gems" that will spotlight movies that are well made, entertaining films that are still largely unknown in the movie-collecting community. There are many examples of these unheralded cinema obscurities: East of Borneo, Destination Space, The Terror (1938), and Bombs Over London are just a handful of titles. The blog will also be a connecting point for the opinions of you, the film collector. Your appropriate responses to our postings will always be welcome.
The blog will always be free for you to visit at your leisure, but we want to encourage you to actually subscribe to the blog, which will also be free. A subscription will allow you to automatically receive blog updates on a regular basis.
For those of you who like to dabble in film writings, we will also be occasionally open to posting guest articles. Contact us by phone (541-773-6860) or drop us a line via email (scinema@qwest.net) starting around the middle of February should you have any ideas in this area.

In the meantime, best New Year wishes to you all!
Greg Luce,
Sinister Cinema